Top 4 Gym Injuries and How to Treat Them

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  • October 16, 2017
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Gym enthusiasts will deal with injuries every now and then. Ankle sprains, runner’s knee, and shin splints are some of the common injuries that both athletes and amateurs grapple with. Here are some of the top 4 injuries you might have to deal with if you go to the gym.

1. Ankle Sprain

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Ankle sprains occur mostly while running on the treadmill. This sort of damage is pronounced among those who have recently begun running on a moving band having been used to running outdoors. The reason for this kind of injury is that during running, weight from the body is shifted to the outside of the sole. Such motion can strain or even tear the ligaments in your ankle. In severe cases, a doctor may recommend wearing a cast for a few weeks. In case the injury is minor, ice your ankle while resting.

2. Shoulder Tendonitis

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This sort of injury is the most frequent type of gym injury. The reason is that a good number of people hit the gym when this injury is already present in the skeletal muscle. The initial damage is caused by the long hours that people spend at a computer typing. The result is an overuse of shoulder joints that rotate all the time. The above injury is aggravated further when a workout session incorporates shoulder and chest presses, push-ups, and these could lead to supraspinatus tendonitis. If this injury is not treated correctly, it could lead to permanent damage to the rotor cuff.  The cure lies in performing external arm rotations during breaks from the gym.

3. The Runners Knee

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Runners Knee injury is characterized by a throbbing pain behind the kneecap. The intensity of the pain increases as you run on the treadmill. The tell-tale sign of runner’s knee is a creaking sound that accompanies the movement of the knee. The reason for this injury is that the muscles surrounding the knee have low strength and thus they cannot offer optimal support to the knee as you squat or make strained movements. The solution is to apply ice cubes on the affected area and engage in exercises that strengthen the hip flexor and quadriceps muscles.

4. Lower Back Strain

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This is an injury that is particularly common in those who do back strength training exercises on machines, or those who do squats. This sort of strain is characterized by a sharp back pain that immediately puts a stop to whatever you’re doing. Lower back pain treatment involves taking plenty of rest and undergoing physiotherapy. A professional physiotherapist will help you to regain your correct posture. To prevent further injuries of the spine, it is recommended that you find the natural position of the spine and maintain it whenever you lift weights or do squats.

The above are the four most common gym injuries. The frequency of these injuries is highest among new gym goers. However, as you learn to develop a better posture and understand the rhythm of your body, you become less prone to such injuries. Enjoy your workout.

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