Five reasons why Strength Training is better than Cardio

  • Leen A
  • October 22, 2017
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Five reasons why Strength Training is better than Cardio

In this article, we are here to bust some common myths about Strength training and tell you what makes it the most incredible form of work out, we all must follow.

Strength training is the only form of exercise which helps both men as well as women in unimaginable ways. While it contributes to losing that rigid flab which is present in most parts of our body, it also helps in making our bones stronger, our muscles flexible and our entire body less susceptible to common ailments.  Here, we list the 15 reasons which would surely motivate you to indulge in a strength train work out as the most fun part of your daily regime.


#1 Protects Bone Health

Did you know that regular strength training can help in building stronger bones?  Yes! You heard it right. As we grow old, our overall bone density starts declining. Engaging in regular strength training can help to minimize this process and slow it down. Since this form of workout places greater emphasis on the body’s muscular and bone movement, hence it results in building them and improving bone movement and coordination in the body. When combined with a calcium-rich diet, power training can make all your bone problems, and body aches go away!

#2 Builds healthy muscle mass

One of the most spoken about myths related to strength training states that strength training makes large and bulky muscles on various parts of the body. This myth is nothing but an obvious lie. There have been instances of women refusing to continue with strength training because of this myth. Regular strength workouts do nothing but tone your muscles just the way they should be. Lifting weights are not going to make you look like a muscular athlete! It will, instead, remove excess flab from your body along with retaining the important muscles in your organs. And, we all die for a flat tummy, don’t we?

#3 Increases flexibility

Doing any exercise which falls into this category helps in increasing the flexibility of the particular muscle involved. This exercise helps in improving our body’s flexibility and enhances muscle movement. Engaging in short but regular in intervals of lifting or muscle stretching helps to boost the flexibility of various parts of the body significantly. When you’re flexible enough, every type of workout becomes an activity full of fun! Whether you love to dance or love to hit the gym, being flexible is always a bonus point.

#4 Boosts Endurance

The first thing which comes to our minds when we think of working out is nothing but Cardio exercises. Most people don’t know that the effects of Strength training last much longer than those of Cardio workout. While Cardio would definitely make you lose weight faster, but at the same time, it would deprive your body of its much-needed muscle mass. Strength training, on the other hand, contributes to the building of lean muscle within your body while increasing your metabolism and overall level of endurance. Bid Adieu to those tiresome mornings and Say yes to active days!


#5 Boosts immunity

Are you one of those persons who suffers from regular bouts of cold or body aches? Well, there’s no better remedy for you than to indulge in some regular work out, placing more emphasis on strength training and stretching routines. This form of workout doesn’t only help in toning your body but also helps in increasing its immunity which makes you fall ill less often. So, no matter how bad the weather or how worked up you are, your body is never going to run out of energy with power training.


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