5 Tips for Preventing Injuries While Working Out

  • Jeff D
  • November 5, 2017
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by Black Room Photography

If you are physically active, you may have a fear about – or have directly experienced – a severe injury that impacts your ability to return to your exercise routine in any normal way. There are ways to prevent major injuries and improve your ability to recover if you do happen to injure yourself.

1) Work with a trainer.

The best way to prevent an injury is work with someone who knows what they are doing. This is especially important if you are new to a workout routine or you are trying to advance your skills. You don’t want to work out alone and risk the wrong move that you can take weeks of recovery to fix.

2) Start with a warm up and end with a cool down.

As you start out with your routine, start with a warm up to get your muscles and breathing ready. Take a five minute walk or light jog or a five minute stretch beforehand. Make sure you also take time after the workout to slow down your heart and cool down your muscles with a stretch or light jog.

3) Seek physiotherapy for recovery.

If you have experienced injuries in the past, seek out a physiotherapist who can work with you on a building a work out routine that takes your past injuries into consideration. They can also help with things like sports massage as well which can help improve your flexibility and improves blood flow.

4) Pay attention to your body.

One important way of preventing injury is listening to your body. If you feel like a muscle is pulling or you are too strenuous in your workout at the moment, listen to your body. We are the best experts with what is going on in our bodies. So give yourself a break between routines if you feel severely sore muscles or if you are feeling exhausted.

5) Wear the right gear and clothing.

This means if you are biking, wear a proper a helmet. Make sure you are wearing safety gear for any extreme sports. Also take caution with taking music with you that can block out your surroundings, especially if you are exercising outdoors.

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