5 Best Things to Eat Before a Workout

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  • November 5, 2017
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by wuestenigel

Do you eat before you exercise? If you do, it’s a good thing. By giving yourself the right protein and carbs you are giving your body the right type of energy to last during your exercise routine. Not to mention if you don’t eat, burning that type of energy on an empty stomach can result in low blood sugar and leave you feeling weak afterwards. So what are the best foods to eat before a workout? Consider this the next time you decide to job up and down those bleacher seats.

1) Bananas.

Bananas are fast acting carbs and are loaded with potassium which can give your body fuel and nutrients it needs for the workout. This is a nice snack for those who don’t like to eat too much before a workout, but do need something to help sustain their energy. Just make sure you eat soon afterwards because your body needs the nutrients to build and repair muscles.

2) Greek yogurt and fruit.

Have an hour before the workout? Mix together fruit and yogurt for your pre-workout snack an hour or two before your workout. This is a great source of protein and a healthy source of carbs from the fruit.

3) Chicken and veggies.

At least two or three hours before your workout, eat a meal that has a mix of carbs and protein. A meal like chicken and veggies is a healthy way to get this mix of nutrients your body will need for the workout.

4) Coffee and a nutrition bar.

The closer you get to your work out, the fewer calories you will want to consume, but you don’t want to workout on an empty stomach. Consuming a small bowl of cereal or coffee and a nutrition bar gives you a mixed protein that can help prevent sore muscles and give you energy

5) Whole wheat toast and peanut butter.

This is a simple but sufficient way of getting your carbs and protein before your workout. Don’t do a heavy layer of peanut butter though because your body really doesn’t need this much before a work out. If you are going on intense workout, this is especially ideal for giving your body energy beforehand.

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