5 Benefits of Running Bleachers

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  • October 17, 2017
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Running bleachers is frequently incorporated into the exercise routines of athletes and people trying to get into shape. This routine is intense and yields both health and physical benefits. It sculpts the body more efficiently when compared to running on a flat surface. In theory, you could run bleaches daily. However, to receive the full benefit of this routine, it is recommended that you do it only once or twice a week in addition to your regular routine.

1. Improves Cardiovascular Development

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Running bleachers rapidly increases the tempo of your heartbeat when in training. The intensity surpasses that of a regular run, and this translates to your heart beating faster. You are required to exercise intensely as your run up the bleachers.  The high intensity should last for a short time followed by a period of rest as you walk back down. This exercise can be likened to interval training, and is effective at teaching the cardiovascular system how to recover faster. This is down to the fact that your body needs to recover fast enough to be able to go run back up the bleachers.

2. Burns Calories

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Running burns calories, and running bleachers burns even more. A 140-pound individual will burn just under 700 calories in a regular one-hour run. The same individual will burn 1,000 calories in an hour running bleachers. Speed is key when running bleachers. The faster you run the more calories you burn. If you cannot sustain an entire exercise routine running bleachers, mix it up with stair runs. After all, the idea is to burn more calories than you consume to enable you to lose excess weight.

3. Improves fitness levels

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A study published by ‘Preventive Medicine’ in the year 2000 found that people who formerly lived a sedentary lifestyle improved on their oxygen uptake, HDL cholesterol and heart rate after seven weeks of climbing six flights of stairs daily. This study was limited to inactive women, but the benefits can accrue to anyone who incorporates running bleachers into their workout regimen.

4. Increases Leg Power

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Running bleachers has the ability to increase leg power. This is the reason this exercise is favored by athletes in the world of soccer, basketball, football, and track where leg power is necessary to enhance performance. Leg power increases because the action of quickly climbing stairs pushes off the quadriceps and glute muscles against each other. This helps develop leg muscle and power. This technique has seen even long-distance runners improve their running speeds when they incorporate running bleachers into their workout.

5. Provides Workout Variety

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Adding variety to your workout kills boredom and lack of motivation. For runners, finding a local stadium with bleacher seats will be key in getting a break from the same daily routine that can breed boredom. Non-runners benefit from running bleachers in the sense that this workout helps work the leg muscles like no other. A constant variation in workout ensures that the muscles do not adapt and plateau, but instead continually develop.

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